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Four alternative penalties for repeat DUI offenders

We all make mistakes at times, and sometimes a person in Tempe who already has a DUI on their record is charged with a second or subsequent DUI later on down the road. When a person is a repeat offender, judges in Arizona have the discretion to order alternative penalties in addition to fines or jail time.

Vehicle impoundment

If a person is a repeat DUI offender, their vehicle may be impounded. This is significant, as without a vehicle a person may find it difficult to get to work, run essential errands and attend essential appointments.

Ignition interlock device

An ignition interlock device may be required if a person in Arizona is a repeat DUI offender. An ignition interlock device is similar to a Breathalyzer. The motorist will breathe into the device, and if the device registers even a nominal amount of alcohol in the motorist’s breath, it will prevent the motorist’s vehicle from starting. This penalty is applied to those convicted of extreme DUI or for repeat DUI offenders.

Electronically monitored house arrest

Electric monitoring can keep a repeat DUI offender within an assigned area. The offender will wear a device on their wrist or ankle that sends signals about the offender’s whereabouts to a computer. Offenders may also have to submit to random breath tests.

Intensive probation supervision with treatment

As an alternative to jail time for repeat DUI offenders, the repeat DUI offender may instead participate in an intensive probation supervision program with treatment. This early intervention program addresses the repeat DUI offender’s alcohol consumption and provides counseling and monitoring.

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