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What happens if you ignore a traffic ticket in Arizona?

Having an Arizona law enforcement officer stop your car and issue you a ticket may prove frustrating, but things may become more complicated if you ignore the ticket or fail to pay it in time. While traffic tickets typically add points to your license and may impact your insurance rates, failing to take care of traffic tickets may lead to a loss of your driver’s license, among other possible penalties.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, the severity of the penalties you face for ignoring a traffic ticket depends on the nature of the ticket you got in the first place. More serious tickets tend to lead to more serious penalties.

Failing to appear in court or tickets

If you have a pending traffic ticket and you fail to pay it or do not show up in court to fight it, you are not going to be able to renew your driver’s license when the time comes. Furthermore, your driver’s license could undergo suspension until you take care of things and pay any fines you owe in full. When you sign the traffic ticket during your traffic stop, your signature indicates that you agree to show up in court if you decide not to pay the fine.

Driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license

If you fail to pay an Arizona traffic ticket or fail to appear in court to fight it, your vehicle may undergo impoundment for up to 30 days, among other possible repercussions.

If facing an Arizona traffic ticket, do not ignore it. If you feel the officer issued you a ticket without merit, a court appearance gives you a chance to argue your side and fight it.