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Reviewing Arizona’s definition of drug paraphernalia

Reviewing Arizona’s definition of drug paraphernalia

It is essential to understand the serious consequences that you could face if charged with possessing drug paraphernalia. Aside from possible penalties imposed by the court, you could suffer serious damage to your reputation and career.

In addition, you could face these charges without realizing that a certain object constitutes unlawful drug paraphernalia, which highlights how important it is to understand which materials and items can constitute drug paraphernalia in Arizona.

What are some examples of drug paraphernalia?

The Arizona Legislature defines illegal drug paraphernalia as materials, products and equipment used to plant, grow, harvest, process, package, inject or inhale unlawful substances. This covers a wide variety of objects and materials, such as grow kits, testing equipment, balances, adulterants, mixing devices, capsules and syringes. Cocaine spoons, water pipes, roach clips, bongs can also lead to drug paraphernalia charges.

How do courts determine if objects are drug paraphernalia?

It is vital to realize that courts go over a number of factors when deciding if certain items constitute illegal drug paraphernalia. Courts look at statements from the owner or person in possession of an item, past convictions, the presence of illegal drugs, drug residue and testimony from experts. All of these factors can affect whether the court determines if someone should face penalties for possessing particular items, and this highlights the importance of exercising caution and understanding your options if caught with items that could constitute drug paraphernalia.

Some people think that drug paraphernalia charges are not very serious, but you need to prepare for court carefully and understand that an unfavorable outcome could disrupt your life in different ways.