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What could happen to someone drinking while underage?

There are various issues that could come up when someone underage is consuming alcohol. Some of these may result in criminal charges.

The Arizona Department of Liquor explains the legal drinking age in the state is 21 years old. This is the legal age in all 50 states.

Attempting to purchase alcohol

If you are underage and you try to buy alcohol, you will usually not have success, as businesses can lose their license to sell alcohol if they make underage sales. However, if you use fake identification, you could get in trouble. Using a fake ID could result in you losing your driver’s license. You may also face criminal charges, which could lead to fines or jail time.

Consumption with parents

If you are in public, you cannot consume any alcoholic beverages regardless of whether your parents are there or supply you with them. While in public, it is always illegal for your to drink. In your own home, your parents or guardian can give you alcohol. However, you should note that they cannot supply other underage individuals with beverages. Only a parent or legal guardian can give someone underage alcohol.

As a side note, you are able to go to a bar with a parent or guardian. But you cannot drink while on the premises. Typically, underaged people cannot go into an establishment.

Alcohol use while underage is generally not legal. You should be very careful about consuming these beverages if you are not 21 years old.