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Can drunk driving charges impact child custody?

If you currently face drunk driving charges, it is critical to thoroughly understand the different ways that this case could affect your life. For example, you could face challenges with respect to your driving privileges, financial penalties and time behind bars. In addition, a drunk driving case could have a detrimental impact on many other facets of your life, such as your career opportunities, your reputation and even your relationship with your kids.

If you are considering divorce, currently find yourself in the middle of a custody dispute with your child’s other parent or worry about your custody rights, it is critical to understand how a DUI can influence court decisions regarding custody.

Drunk driving and custody rights

According to Maricopa County’s website, the court could come to the conclusion that a parent convicted of a felony DUI is unfit to have custody rights, depending on the nature of the offense. However, if a parent can prove that they have completed treatment and have no felony convictions in the previous five years, they could have the ability to secure custody rights.

Dealing with drunk driving charges and custody issues

As if drunk driving cases do not generate enough stress already, concerns about child custody can make this situation even more unbearable. If you find yourself in a bitter dispute with your ex over child custody and you have a DUI, they could try to use this against you in the courtroom. This highlights the importance of addressing drunk driving charges properly and doing everything you can to secure a more favorable end result in court.