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DWI numbers fall over Thanksgiving weekend

The timing of major holiday weekends throughout the year correlates with a rise in drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated after a day or night of celebrations. All the more so during the festive season, from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

However, this Thanksgiving weekend in 2022 shows a decrease in DWI numbers in Arizona from the previous year. Motorists can benefit from awareness of this statistic and how it relates to the overall number of traffic stops conducted over the holiday weekend.

DWI arrests down from the previous year

Reports show 323 DWI arrests in Arizona over the 2022 Thanksgiving weekend. This is down from the 350 arrests in the state over the 2021 holiday weekend. It is not likely that the fall in numbers is due to a lack of police presence, as data shows 2,037 officers and deputies patrolling the Arizona roadways during the November 23-26 period.

A reduction in DWI arrests is a great sign that our roads feature fewer inebriated motorists during the holidays.

Traffic stops up from the previous year

While the number of DWI arrests over Thanksgiving weekend is down from the previous year, the number of overall traffic stops conducted is up. Information from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety indicates 8,957 traffic stops in the state over the holiday weekend. This is in comparison to the 8,513 stops of the 2021 holiday.

While holidays are a particularly busy time for DWI checkpoints, a DWI charge at any time of year can be life-altering. If you’re charged with a DWI, make sure to understand your options and what choices you have available.