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4 types of non-DUI driving offenses with steep penalties

Most drivers know that operating a vehicle under the influence can result in major personal, professional and financial consequences.

However, a DUI is far from the only type of traffic violation that can result in both civil and criminal penalties.

1. Driving with a suspended license

Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked license is against state law. Offenders may face misdemeanor charges, including fines, potential jail time, impoundment of their vehicle and an even longer period of license suspension or revocation.

2. Driving with a falsified ID

An individual can also face steep penalties for displaying a falsified, canceled, revoked or otherwise invalid ID. In addition to civil penalties, such as driver privilege suspension, violators may face fines and imprisonment.

3. Driving at excessive speeds

Driving a few miles over the speed limit may result in a basic civil ticket and fine. However, if drivers far exceed the posted limit, they receive a criminal speeding charge. That could result in very heavy fines, time in jail and a misdemeanor conviction on the driver’s permanent record.

4. Driving recklessly

Motorists whose speed endangers others may also face charges of aggressive or reckless driving. This is especially true if the driver also fails to obey traffic signs or signals, performs unsafe lane changes, passes other vehicles on the right, follows too closely or fails to yield to officers or emergency vehicles.

Any of the above charges can result in lasting consequences. In addition to the financial burden of a conviction, charges may result in a record that can pose serious obstacles to employment, housing, education and more.