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What is life after a DUI like?

Getting a DUI can change a person’s life in several ways, some expected and some surprising.

It is important to consider both the short and long-term ramifications of a DUI before making a choice.

Short-term DUI consequences

BACtrack discusses the consequences of a DUI in both the short and long term. Essentially, in the short term, the biggest concerns for a person come in the form of time in jail and the fines associated with a DUI crime. The stacking legal costs may also cause a problem.

Of course, some people have to worry about going into debt depending on these fines and fees. It is also a problem because time in jail will likely lead to job loss.

Consequences of DUI in the long term

Unfortunately, one of the longer-term consequences of a DUI is difficulty finding work. Some people will find that their former fields will no longer hire them, as some fields reserve the right to refuse to accept the applications of people with a DUI. This includes government positions, jobs that involve children and jobs that require a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

On top of that, many people find difficulty in getting housing after their DUI arrest. This is because housing in many areas gets limited, and often ends up a competition between applicants for the remaining desirable units left.

Unfortunately, someone with a DUI on record will have less of a chance of getting a unit than someone without a criminal record.

These are just a few of the hardships that may occur just because of a DUI conviction.