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Preparing for life after your release from incarceration

Imprisonment can take its toll on your physical and psychological health. You may find yourself wondering if you will ever find happiness again with all the uncertainty you face.

Putting your past behind you and setting new goals is a worthwhile ambition. The steps you take right now can help you prepare for life after your release from prison.

Work on regaining trust

Your behavior that ultimately led to imprisonment most likely disrupted the trust people had in you. Rebuilding trust takes time and is something you can begin working on immediately. According to Psychology Today, some ways to rebuild trust after you have committed a crime include the following:

  • Maintain open lines of communication
  • Extend a sincere apology
  • Show sympathy for others
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes
  • Try to improve your weaknesses
  • Spend time listening to what others have to say

Regaining the trust of others can help you work toward restoring your reputation.

Seek opportunities to learn

Look for opportunities to learn, even while incarcerated. Many facilities have a variety of courses you can take to improve critical skills or learn new ones. Continuing your education wherever possible can put you on the fast track to success and may help you adapt easier once you leave the facility.

Establish meaningful connections

After incarceration, you will need a job that pays the bills. You will need a place to stay and transportation. Your effort to establish meaningful connections outside of the facility can play a major role in the success you have outside of bars.

Your criminal past does not have to define your future or how successful you are. With adequate support and a can-do attitude, you can still live a rewarding and happy life.