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How does alcohol impair your driving ability?

Driving requires coordination, focus and quick reactions to road emergencies. If these critical skills are impaired, you may be at risk of getting in motor vehicle accidents.

In 2022, 4.57 percent of 119,991 car crashes in Arizona were alcohol-related incidents. The numbers highlight how important it is for drivers to learn about the dangerous impacts of drunk driving.

The harmful effects of alcohol on drivers

Alcohol can blur your vision, which may compromise your ability to focus behind the wheel. It may also cause double vision, leading to poor depth perception. These disadvantages can make it challenging to gauge the distance, speed and movement of other cars. If you have trouble seeing well, you may drift between different lanes and even leave the roadway.

It also impedes your ability to quickly read and comprehend traffic signals, which can be dangerous since most of the information you receive while driving is from road markings and stoplights.

Alcohol may also impair your judgment, compromising your ability to react quickly and safely to situations based on your experiences and knowledge. Because alcohol also slows down your reaction time, you may have trouble processing information, increasing the time it takes you to respond to crucial driving tasks.

The legal repercussions of drunk driving in Arizona

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcoholic substances is illegal in the state. If you are charged with this offense, you may lose your driving privileges and even face jail time.

You may secure a restricted permit or request to reinstate your license only after completing an alcohol screening or rehabilitation. A judge may also require you to perform community service or to equip your car with a certified ignition interlock device.