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Recreational use of ketamine can lead to jail time and penalties

Ketamine has been in the spotlight recently. Originally, it was an anesthetic made by doctors in the mid-1900s for surgeries. These days, it’s used for treating some mental health conditions. Sadly, there are those who use it for non-medicinal purposes due to its hallucinogenic effects. Using ketamine for purposes aside from health can lead to serious legal consequences in Arizona.

Only legal for medical purposes

Health care professionals use ketamine to treat mental health conditions like depression. Various ketamine treatment centers across the state provide controlled doses under professional supervision. However, Arizona law classifies ketamine as a “dangerous drug” outside of these medical contexts.

This means it’s illegal to carry or use ketamine without a valid medical reason or prescription. It’s also unlawful to sell it or transport it for sale. Even possessing the equipment or chemicals to manufacture ketamine is against the law.

Penalties for non-medical use

Violating drug laws carries severe penalties. Possessing or using ketamine for non-medical reasons can lead to a class four felony. This could result in up to four years in prison. With no previous felony convictions, the court may downgrade the offense to a class one misdemeanor or probation.

The law takes an even stricter stance when a minor is involved. Giving ketamine to anyone, particularly someone younger than 18, without their consent is strictly prohibited. If they do, the convicted person may face more severe implications. They can’t expect leniency in such cases. In fact, they may have to serve their entire sentence without the option of probation or early release.

Go through the legal channels

Ketamine has legal uses in a medical setting, but recreational use is not an option in the eyes of the law. If medically necessary, there are legal channels for using ketamine. Otherwise, non-medicinal uses of ketamine can lead to serious legal trouble. Those facing such a situation should consider consulting an attorney for help with their specific circumstances.