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What happens if minors are caught with alcohol in your home

As a parent, you may believe that it is safer to let your child drink at home rather than having them drink in unfamiliar places. By doing so, you can closely monitor your child and their friends while allowing them to have an amazing time. Despite these good intentions, Arizona law is strict when it comes to hosting events where alcohol is available to minors.

Should you let minors drink at home?

You are not the only parent to have a relaxed stance on alcohol. Whether you plan to host underage parties for special occasions such as prom night or your teen’s birthday, it’s crucial to know the possible implications of such actions.

Supplying alcohol to anyone under 21 is illegal and is a misdemeanor offense. If caught, you could face fines up to $2,500, six months in jail, and a criminal record upon conviction. Beyond these penalties, you may also be held financially responsible for any harm or damage caused by an intoxicated minor from your event.

According to Arizona’s social host liability laws, any person who hosts a social event, party or gathering where alcohol is served or distributed may be held liable if an underage person consumes alcohol and inflicts damage or harm due to their intoxicated state. This can include covering medical bills, emotional distress, and the costs of property repairs stemming from the incident.

Additionally, you could still face the consequences even if you were not the one who provided alcohol to your guests.

It’s a delicate balance. On one side, there’s the desire to be the ‘cool’ parent who allows kids to hang out and enjoy. On the other, there’s the reality of harsh legal consequences. While it’s great to support your child’s social development, it’s equally important to set a good example. Establishing firm rules and having honest conversations with your child can help both of you stay clear of legal troubles.