Bikers Injuries Require An Experienced Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorney

The thrill of riding a motorcycle around town can quickly turn to tragedy if you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident. Too Frequently motorcyclists are killed when they collided with much larger vehicles. Automobile or truck drivers are often not seriously injured after colliding with motorcycle riders. This shows just how

Felony DUI • What Everyone Needs to Know

Because aggravated DUI’s are classified as felonies, the presumptive sentence is 4 months in prison. You will not be sentenced to jail, you will not be eligible for work release or work furlough, you will not be able to participate in a home detention. If you are convicted you will go to a State prison for 4 months.

Spring Break Drug Charges Can Have Serious Results

College students from all around the country rejoice: Spring Break is upon us. The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner.  At the University of Arizona, they came up with the perfect event just before students head out to the week-long party, their annual Spring Break Safety Fair. This event focuses on the common dangerous behavior that people often take part in while on break.  These include alcohol, drugs and risky sexual activities to name a few.  The goal was to remind students to use common sense to lower their risk of ending their holiday in the hospital, or in jail.

Consequences of Urinating in Public

Urinating in public may seem like an innocent enough act. Under Arizona law, urinating in public is more serious than one would imagine. There are a number of laws surrounding urinating in public, which do not necessarily relate to the act alone. While you may not believe you have committed any other offence besides the

Underage Clubbing in Scottsdale Could Land You In Jail

As a criminal defense attorney, I have represented people for literally every single type of conceivable charge.  The most commons types of cases my law firm handles are DUI, possession of Fake ID, minor in consumption of alcohol, minor in possession of alcohol, public urination, and open container. These are all very serious charges that

Alcohol-Related Arrests Increase During Spring Training in Arizona 

MLB spring training begins toward the end of February and includes 15 Cactus League teams playing at various stadiums in Arizona. Spring training brings thousands of people to Tempe or Scottsdale to enjoy the beginning of baseball and to join in the many events. Often, there is tandem alcohol consumption with the celebrations, which can

Disorderly Conduct can Ruin Your Experience at the Phoenix Open

The Phoenix Open is an environment where your behavior may meet some or all of those conditions, creating the potential for multiple charges being filed against you for a single incident. As the safety of spectators, golfers, and performers attending the event is of paramount importance to event organizers, even a perceived act of disorderly conduct can result in the police being called to the scene. For those caught up in the incident, facing charges of disorderly conduct is not uncommon. Something that you say or do in the heat of the moment can come back to haunt you and the next thing you know, you are facing fines and jail time and your future reputation has been placed in serious jeopardy.

Disorderly Conduct in Scottsdale

One of the most common offenses we see in Scottsdale is Disorderly Conduct. A Disorderly Conduct Charge generally arises out of an act that someone commits while they are at a club or a bar. The challenging aspect of Disorderly Conduct is that it’s a subjective charge. Arizona law vaguely criminalizes any act that appears to be disorderly. So who makes the determination of whether an act is disorderly? The answer, while unfair, is the police. This means, that two people could commit the same act and only one person receives the charge of disorderly conduct. This could possibly be explained by the fact that there were two separate police officers involved and one happens to be stricter than the other.

Tempe disorderly conduct lawyer restores order to your life

From the Phoenix Open and Old Town Scottsdale to West Gate and Mill Ave, crowds walking around from place to place may have made the mistake of getting a little loud, rowdy or even engaging in an argument in public.  These instances, as well as many more possible scenarios, can easily get the attention of a nearby police officer, resulting in an arrest for disorderly conduct.

Gilbert, Arizona Disorderly Conduct Attorney

Under Arizona law, disorderly conduct is any behavior that is considered disorderly. The law doesn’t provide a set of factors for someone to face the charge. For instance, to commit assault, the State of Arizona must prove a person intentionally or knowingly caused injury or put another in fear in imminent fear of harm. Disorderly conduct doesn’t have similar factors or elements. This means, if a Gilbert Police officer believes a person’s behavior is disorderly, then it’s disorderly. As you can see, this is completely subjective.

The Lawyer to Hire for Your Scottsdale Disorderly Conduct Case

It is extremely common for our attorneys to represent a client in Scottsdale for a Disorderly Conduct case. Every week, Scottsdale publishes their weekly arrest report – the most common offenses are disorderly conduct, urinating in public, domestic violence, and DUI. If you are reading this and you’ve been charged with disorderly conduct, you’re not alone. After you read this blog, take a deep breath and call our office to receive free legal advice from one of our award-winning attorneys.

Charged with Disorderly Conduct in Scottsdale?

You may not think your behavior is disruptive or disorderly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be charged with disorderly conduct, as you may have already found out. If you were charged with disorderly conduct in Scottsdale, it is now up to you to prove your actions were not unlawful. Disorderly conduct is one of the vaguest criminal laws, often used when a police officer is trying to stop “unruly” behavior, and it can be applied to almost any public nuisance situation. Since the law is vague, fighting the charge can be difficult without the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Made in the Shade Beer Festival

Arizona’s craft beer enthusiasm is growing each year.  Every few months you hear about a new brewery opening up in the Valley or elsewhere in the state. Craft beer fans love to taste different brews in one place, which is why beer festivals are getting more popular and frequent.  Each year the Made in the

Peeing in Public is Illegal in Scottsdale

Believe it or not, peeing in public is illegal in Scottsdale Actually, urinating in public is a misdemeanor. This may be shocking to someone who has ever been to San Francisco, Bourbon Street, Asia or Europe. Most of my cases for peeing in public in Scottsdale have the exact same fact pattern. The officer sees the

Shoplifting Arrests in Scottsdale – Theft Lawyer

Shoplifting Arrests in Scottsdale Scottsdale Fashion Center is one of the most popular malls in the Country. Uber revealed that in 2018, more people took an Uber to Scottsdale than any other place in the Phoenix area. As a result of the significant traffic at Scottsdale Fashion Square, our office gets hired numerous times per

Holiday DUI Task Force In Full Force This Season

While the drinking and being merry part is perfectly fine, getting behind the wheel afterward is definitely a problem. Arizona is one of the toughest states on driving under the influence. This is demonstrated time and time again through the severe consequences pursued by prosecutors and given out by the courts. We also see how seriously local jurisdictions take DUIs each holiday season through their well-publicized DUI task forces. Each year local police, politicians and community leaders come together and announce the start of increased DUI enforcement.

Scottsdale Police Out to Get People for Urinating in Public

It’s a Good Decision to Hire A Lawyer for your Urinating in Public Case You’re not alone, everyone’s done it. You were out late in Scottsdale, just got out of a bar and had to use the restroom before going home. It’s dark, there aren’t many people around, so you go into the alley to

Sun Devil Fans Seek ASU Alum Attorney Matt Lopez

ASU football season is well underway, with another exciting game scheduled for this weekend. ASU Sun Devils face off with their next foe at Sun Devil Stadium. Home games never fail to bring out the crowds of local fans and alums to root for the home team. Despite recent rumors of stricter guidelines for drinking

How to Find the Best Lawyer for Tempe Municipal Court Cases

There are many lawyers throughout Arizona who claim to have experience, but unless a lawyer is at your court on a very regular basis, they simply will not be able to provide you with the best possible outcome. Our law office is located approximately 4 miles from Tempe Municipal Court.

Top Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix

When you are charged with a crime, your life and reputation are on the line. Regardless of the circumstances, the first step to take once you are charged is finding the best criminal defense attorney to represent your case. Fight for your future by hiring Matthew Lopez, one of the top criminal defense lawyers in

Celebrity Hit with Public Drunkenness Charge

It’s a rough life being a celebrity You’ve had one too many drinks and get arrested for public intoxication, and now it becomes national news.  These are the PR woes actor Shia LaBeouf has lived though.  Several years ago LeBeouf was arrested during a Friday night in Texas for public intoxication. Police discovered him acting drunk in

Halloween DUIs

Nothing is scarier than spending Halloween night in jail for a DUI. Yet, every Halloween many young adults in the Phoenix and Tempe area find themselves in a jail cell come November 1st. While it may be fun to attend one of the many parties that will be filled with festive costumes and tasty beverages,

Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Parker?

Life can be fun in Parker, with plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors on the Colorado River or partying with friends at Moovalya Lake. But even a good time can turn into a life-changing event that can end up with an arrest. Even if you have never been in trouble before, you can find