The Stakes Are High When Facing DUI Charges

Matthew Lopez is a skilled attorney who understands the consequences of a drunk driving arrest and conviction. He has represented Phoenix residents charged with the following:

  • First-time DUI
  • Repeat DUI
  • Underage DUI
  • Drugged driver DUI
  • Out-of-state DUI
  • Ignition interlock violations
  • Driver’s license suspension

Before speaking to anyone, take action and contact Matthew Lopez. He will fight to minimize the penalties you face.

End The Uncertainty That Comes With DUI Charges. Contact Matthew Lopez Today

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Staying On The Cutting-Edge:

Matthew Lopez’s commitment to continuing education helps him serve as a trusted resource for his clients. He remains committed to continuing education by attending multiple DUI seminars and other presentations.

Candid And Honest: 

Matthew Lopez believes and upfront approach is best all dealings with his clients. If information is power, he helps overcome the feeling of powerlessness his clients experience by simply being honest with them.

A Trusted Advocate And Spokesperson

Protect your rights, starting with the right to remain silent. Anything you say to the police officers can undermine your case. Let Matthew Lopez speak on your behalf while navigating you through a difficult and stressful process. Everything he does for you is to secure the best possible outcome that helps you to move on with your life.

Call Matthew Lopez at 602-635-3214602-635-3214

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