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Super Extreme DUIs Carry Super Extreme Consequences

The attorneys at Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC understand the severity of the situation for people charged with super extreme DUI.

Arizona has three classifications of DUIs – regular, extreme and super extreme. Each classification is dependent on a person’s blood alcohol content. If your blood alcohol content was greater than .20 within two hours of driving, you will be charged with a super extreme DUI. If the law enforcement agency who arrested or cited you uses blood to determine a blood alcohol content, it is possible your citation may only indicate lower level DUI charges. Once your blood alcohol is analyzed to reveal a blood alcohol concentration of greater than .20, the court will amend your DUI charge to include a super extreme DUI.

Even if it is your first ever DUI, the consequences for a super extreme DUI are severe. Depending on the court, a person could be sentenced up to 45 days in jail, incur a driver’s license suspension, receive an ignition interlock requirement, fines and ordered to complete alcohol education courses.

Our Legal Team Fights For Your Best Outcome

If you are facing a super extreme DUI charge, your back is against the wall and you need a lawyer who will fight relentlessly for you. Not all lawyers are the same. There is a difference in experience, reputation and customer service. We will take your case personally. Throughout our representation, you will become deeply acquainted with all members of our office and see that when you hire Matthew Lopez Law, you do not just have one lawyer working on your case, you have a team of lawyers and support staff by your side every step of the process.

From the moment we are retained, we make it clear, our ultimate goal is to have our clients’ super extreme DUI case dismissed or reduced. We are familiar with the work it takes to achieve our desired goal. The experience in the courtroom and dedication to investigating cases is what sets the attorneys at Matthew Lopez Law apart. To achieve our goal, it is important that we carefully review police reports, interview police officers and witnesses and hire experts to retest our clients’ blood and scrutinize the manner in which the police department analyzed blood work. If we do our investigation properly, we will be able to find a flaw in the DUI investigation that we will allow us to formulate critical arguments in an effort to provide clients with an outcome they deserve.

Call Today To Discuss Your DUI Charge

Our lawyers are ready and able to handle super extreme DUI cases in any court in Arizona. When you are faced with a serious legal situation, let our office demonstrate why we are consistently recognized as one of Arizona’s leading DUI law firms. Call us at 602-960-1731 or send an email to set up your free initial appointment.