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Comprehensive Personal Injury Attorneys in Arizona

When someone’s reckless or negligent actions inflict you with a catastrophic injury, it is only reasonable to expect them to pay for the costs of their actions. Holding someone accountable with a personal injury claim while also managing your personal recovery often results in the worst outcomes for both objectives. Instead of risking the worst outcomes in these cases, fight for the best with the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney by your side.

Our personal injury attorneys at Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, help clients throughout Arizona with their personal injury claims. We know the importance of earning the compensation you deserve in these cases, and we take a thorough and meticulous approach in these claims to ensure our clients earn the outcomes they deserve, no matter what may have caused their injuries.

Caring Guidance Through Your Injury Claim

When clients come to us for help with their personal injury claims, we go to great lengths to gather all the necessary information to develop our strongest case to maximize the compensation they earn. We have years of experience helping clients recover fair and full compensation from accidents, including:

When the reckless or negligent actions of a person cause you to suffer a serious car accident or other injury, we do everything in our power to obtain an outcome to your claim that covers expenses like lost income, medical bills, loss of earning potential and property damage. We are not a law firm that settles for the first offer we receive, and we are prepared to fight for you through negotiation and litigation. You can rest easy knowing a skilled team of personal injury lawyers is by your side through every step of your claim.

Put Your Claim In Good Hands

If you suffered injuries that were caused by someone else, let us help ensure they are responsible for the cost of your recovery. Call our offices throughout Arizona at 602-960-1731 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation with our driven and persistent attorneys today. The sooner you reach out to us for help, the sooner we can provide you with the outcome you need to move forward after your injuries.