Minor in Consumption of Alcohol (MIC)

Minor in Consumption of Alcohol

You get the call that your child has been charged with Minor in Consumption of alcohol. Do you shrug it off, pay the fine and give him or her a lecture? Not if you’re a wise parent who wants to protect your child’s future. A Minor in Consumption (MIC) charge can have long-reaching effects on the future opportunities of your child.

MIC Effects on Future Opportunities

Violations of the MIC laws in Arizona can lead to suspension, revocation or denial of the minor’s driver’s license if stopped for driving under the influence. There are additional monetary and time served sanctions which may be imposed as well. These immediate consequences can restrict your child’s ability to transport himself to his job, school and other activities in which he is involved. However, it is the fact that a MIC charge could result in a misdemeanor conviction on your child’s criminal record that should cause the most concern. Having a MIC conviction on your child’s record could affect:

  • Academic choices or acceptance
  • Participation in collegiate sports
  • Career options
  • Financial opportunities

Matthew Lopez Law has worked with many Arizona families to fight MIC charges and protect their child’s future. A charge doesn’t always have to end in a conviction. We have helped many minors avoid the consequences of having a MIC misdemeanor charge on their record.

Arizona Law and Underage Drinking

A charge of Minor in Consumption of Alcohol, or MIC, is a serious offense in Arizona. ARS 4-244 (41) It is unlawful: For a person under twenty-one years of age to have in the person’s body any spirituous liquor. Arizona has “zero tolerance” for violations in the area of underage consumption of alcohol. A conviction can result in monetary fines of up to $2,500, potential suspension of their driver’s license and even jail time in some cases.

Legal Representation Makes a Difference

Many times, the MIC charge is one of several charges, since alcohol consumption can lead to disorderly conduct, vandalism or driving under the influence. Matthew Lopez Law has years of experience in handling MIC cases and the other charges that often accompany them. His expertise provides representation that is reassuring to the family and the minor facing this situation. We will work to get sanctions mitigated fairly, including those which may be imposed by institutions of higher learning, such as Arizona State or the University of Arizona. You can count on Matthew Lopez Law to stand by your student as a strong, personal and legal advocate, working to ensure that his or her educational and career objectives will be impacted as little as possible.

Proper legal representation can provide protection for your child’s present and future opportunities. If your son or daughter has been charged with Minor in Consumption, give us a call at Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC. Schedule a free preliminary consultation. We will work for a favorable resolution to the charges. We understand how devastating these charges can be and we will give our full attention and resources to providing the best defense possible.

Law enforcement in Arizona is extremely hard on minors consuming alcohol. In Arizona, it is illegal to consume alcohol for anyone who is under the age of 21 and these individuals can be charged with Minor in Consumption (MIC) of alcohol and face jail time, fines, license suspension, and more.

We urge you to contact the qualified and knowledgeable attorneys at Matthew Lopez Law to fight your MIC charge. Being convicted of a Minor in Consumption (MIC) can have serious consequences that could affect your future in many ways. It can impact your ability to apply and be accepted to certain universities, and can even eliminate potential career opportunities well into the future.

When it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol, adults can be charged with a DUI for having a blood-alcohol content of .08, but minors, up to the age of 21, can be charged with a DUI for having any alcohol in their system. If you’ve been charged with an underage DUI, contact us today.


University and Community College Consequences for Underage Drinking

Aside from representing clients in court, we assist clients when their charge presents disciplinary issues with their school or financial aid. We represent clients throughout the entire State of Arizona who are charged with Minor in Consumption of Alcohol, including NAU, ASU, U of A, and all of the Community Colleges. We believe education should be our clients’ top priority and will use our experience to ensure our clients’ Minor in Consumption of Alcohol charge does not affect their schooling and future career opportunities.

If you have been charged with Minor in Consumption of Alcohol, contact Matthew Lopez, a Tempe minor in consumption lawyer, to schedule a free consultation. In the event, we are unable to reach a favorable resolution of our clients’ case, we have no hesitations with taking cases to trial. We strive to provide our underage clients the best results possible.

Because a criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor, can have serious long-term consequences, we suggest that you always receive sound legal advice before making any decisions regarding your case. We offer a complimentary consultation – and are available 24/7 to talk to you regarding your case.

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