Sexual Abuse Offense Criminal Defense Lawyer

Matthew Lopez is an experienced, dedicated, and aggressive Phoenix criminal defense attorney who represents clients charged with all types of sex offenses, including sexual abuse. In Arizona, a person commits sexual abuse by intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual contact with any person who is 15 or more years of age without consent of that person or with any person who is under 15 years of age if the sexual contact involves only the female breast. Sexual contact means any direct or indirect touching, fondling, or manipulating of any part of the genitals, anus or female breast by any part of the body or by any object causing a person to engage in such contact.

The punishment for a sexual abuse conviction all depends on whether the alleged victim was under the age of 15. If they were under the age of 15, the penalties become more severe. In any event, however, a conviction will result in mandatory prison and sex offender status. If the person has prior sex offense convictions, they could be facing a significant amount of prison time.

Mr. Lopez is an accomplished Phoenix criminal defense attorney who deeply cares about his clients’ well being. Sex cases, including, sexual abuse, must be taken seriously and handled by an attorney who understands the Arizona court system, how to formulate effective and innovative defenses, and will investigate the facts surrounding their clients’ sexual abuse case.

If you have been charged with any type of sex case, including sexual abuse, it is important that you receive legal representation as quickly as possible. A Phoenix criminal defense lawyer at Matthew Lopez Law is available 24/7 to speak with you about your case at no charge. Contact Mr. Lopez at (602) 980-1987 for a free evaluation of your sexual abuse case.