Phoenix Threatening and Intimidating Lawyer

In Arizona, a person can be charged with threatening and intimidating another, even if the person has no intentions of every hurting the person or if the person was never actually hurt.

To be charged with threatening and intimidating, a person must threaten or intimidate another by using words or conduct to either:

  • cause physical injury to another person or serious damage to a person’s property;
  • cause injury to another or their property in order to induce them to participate in gang activity; or
  • prevent a victim from reporting criminal activity.

Threatening and intimidating can range from a Class 1 Misdemeanor to a Class 3 felony. A conviction could result in mandatory prison, fines, and probation. Because of the harsh penalties, these cases must be handled by an experienced threatening and intimidating lawyer who understands the severity of the charges and will advocate for your best interest.

A threatening and intimidating charge is subjective. This means, the police or prosecutors may not even consult with an accused to determine whether or not what they said or did was really threatening or whether they had intent to threaten or intimidate. Rather, they will solely base their decision to prosecute on whether the alleged victim felt threatened or intimidated.

Matthew Lopez is an experienced threatening and intimidating defense attorney who knows how to fight cases and work with prosecutors in order to provide clients with the highest level of legal representation. We refuse to let our clients get convicted for threatening and intimidating if there was a simple misunderstanding, the alleged victim is subjectively sensitive, or if they are making up a story against our clients due to ulterior motives.

If you have been arrested or charged with threatening and intimidating, it is critical that you speak with a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer to review your options and discuss defense strategies. Contact an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney at Matthew Lopez Law for a free evaluation of your case.