Representing clients in Arizona for Criminal Trespassing

Criminal trespassing is an extremely serious charge – it can carry a minimum prison sentence, probation, and fines. It is important that if arrested, you hire an experienced criminal trespassing lawyer. Attorney Matthew Lopez has an excellent reputation amongst his clients, and fellow Phoenix criminal defense lawyers, for attaining favorable outcomes in difficult cases. Mr. Lopez gives each of his clients the time and respect they deserve in order to obtain the best results for their case. Criminal trespassing lawyer Matthew Lopez consistently works hard to provide superior representation to each client and reach the most positive outcome possible.

There are varying classifications of criminal trespassing ranging from misdemeanor to felony. Although each case in unique, a person can be charged with criminal trespassing under the following situations:

  • If a person enters or remains on real property or rail yards after being asked to leave, any nonresidential structure or fenced-in commercial yard, residential structure, fenced residential yard, property subject to mineral claim or lease, or critical public service facility;
  • If a person enters or looks into a residential yard without proper authority;
  • If a person enters or remains unlawfully on someone else’s property and burns, defaces, mutilates, or otherwise desecrates and religious symbol or other religious property without permission of the owner.

It is imperative that you hire an experienced, hard-working criminal defense lawyer who understands criminal trespassing laws in Arizona and can articulate effective defenses to protect you. Furthermore, you want a lawyer who cares about your well-being, and will follow through with a comprehensive investigation of your case. If you have been arrested or charged with criminal trespassing in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, or anywhere in Arizona, contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney at Matthew Lopez Law for a free case evaluation.