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Protecting The Rights Of Injured Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents often result in far more serious injuries than other vehicles due to the inherently more dangerous nature of motorcycles. The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be daunting, especially if you have been injured. Many people hesitate to hire a personal injury lawyer because it seems just another thing to put on their to-do list. What many people don’t realize is that hiring an attorney may be the smartest thing you do.

Matthew Lopez understands that after an accident, the most important thing for you is to recover and return to your daily routine; that is why at Matthew Lopez Law, we pride ourselves on handling every detail of our client’s personal injury claim. Insurance companies will try to undervalue what you have been put through. Still, we take the time to understand exactly what happened and negotiate with the insurance companies to make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation for your medical expenses and pain and suffering.

We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Get Paid

At Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, we understand that a motorcycle accident can turn your life upside down. Having to deal with the physical, emotional, and financial stress of a motorcycle accident can be tremendously stressful. Arizona motorcycle accident lawyer Matthew Lopez understands this stress, which is why you don’t have to worry about paying for an attorney until after you are fully recovered and your case has been settled. That’s right, we don’t get paid unless you get paid! Additionally, Matthew Lopez Law covers all upfront expenses associated with your claim. This is just one of the ways Mr. Lopez works to alleviate the stress associated with an accident and reassure clients that we are working hard for them.

Personal Injury Lawyers Who Care

The attorneys at Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC are truly focused on their clients and only have their best interests at heart. After a motorcycle accident, personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez will take the time to understand your case and evaluate the most effective way to handle it. If you are unable to travel due to your injuries, Mr. Lopez will even make a house call and is also happy to sit down with you after business hours or on weekends. Mr. Lopez’ confidence and experience continually prove to his clients how committed he is to fight for what his clients deserve.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Arizona, call Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC today for a free case evaluation at 928-714-7032.