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Racing And Drag Racing Charges In Arizona

The traffic violations defense attorneys of Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, are experienced in representing people charged with racing and drag racing and other serious traffic violations.

If a person drives a vehicle or participates “in any manner in a race, speed competition or contest, drag race or acceleration contest, test of physical endurance or exhibition of speed or acceleration,” they can be charged under Arizona’s racing and drag racing statute. A conviction for racing or drag racing will result in a class 1 misdemeanor criminal conviction and may carry the following consequences:

  • Fine
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Community service
  • Possible jail sentence

Defenses To Racing And Drag Racing Charges

In every case, we interview the police officer to determine if the charge matches our clients’ driving behavior. We know how to conduct an investigation and work with prosecutors to either get the case dismissed or have it reduced to a civil violation. In addition to appearing at our clients’ court hearings, we will represent our clients at their Motor Vehicle Division Hearings.

Move Quickly To Protect Your Driving Privileges And Your Freedom

If you are charged with racing or drag racing, it is imperative that you are represented by an experienced attorney. We understand that a conviction may jeopardize our clients’ career and future careers; therefore, we take our clients’ charges seriously. Contact Matthew Lopez Law at 602-960-1731 to schedule a free consultation for your charge.