I Was a Passenger in a Car Accident, Can I Get Paid? You Bet!

There is a common misconception that only drivers of a vehicle are entitled to compensation if they have been involved in a car accident.  The reality is, passengers are entitled to compensation irrespective of whether they were the passenger in a vehicle that was hit or they were a passenger in a vehicle that caused the collision.

I’m an experienced personal injury attorney who represents clients in Tempe, Phoenix and throughout Arizona who have been injured in a car accident.  Some people are reluctant to file a personal injury claim against the insurance company of the driver of the car they were riding in because they may be related or are friends with the driver.  The truth is, filing a personal injury claim is nothing personal.  We are not going after the driver, we are going after the driver’s insurance company.  People pay their monthly insurance policies just for this reason.

We are glad to represent clients who were passengers in a vehicle that was involved in the accident.  If there was no issue of liability, we can represent the driver, as well as the passengers and make sure that everyone involved gets the most amount of money for their damages.  If you have been injured in a car accident in Tempe or Phoenix, you need to speak with an attorney at Matthew Lopez Law as soon as possible.  The earlier we get started on your case, the better.  Our personal injury clients do not owe our firm a dime until we settle their case.  We make the process easy and will ensure you get the most amount of money for your car accident case.

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