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Common Arizona Alcohol Charges

Adults over age 21 in Arizona are free to enjoy alcohol responsibly. They key words in that last sentence are “over age 21” and “responsibly.” At Matthew Lopez Law, PLLC, our attorneys work hard to defend you from alcohol-based charges. Here are some of the most common alcohol charges that our criminal defense legal team handles:

Furnishing Alcohol To A Minor

Providing alcohol to a minor (under 21) is illegal and offenders could be facing a misdemeanor. Because it is a criminal charge and could affect your personal life, it is important to hire a qualified attorney to defend you. (ARS §4-244)

Minor In Consumption Of Alcohol (MIC)

Commonly referred to as an MIC, this misdemeanor criminal charge carries potentially serious consequences. It can affect educational opportunities and careers. A person in violation of the statute can be ordered to pay a fine and/or spend up to four months in jail. (ARS §4-244)

Minor In Possession Of Alcohol (MIP)

Commonly referred to as an MIP, a person in violation of the statute can face up to 30 days in jail, ordered to pay a fine and serve a term of probation. (ARS §4-241)

Open Container Of Alcohol

Consuming or possessing an open container of alcohol while operating a vehicle is illegal in Arizona. A person in violation could be facing a class 2 misdemeanor. (ARS §4-251)

Public Consumption Of Alcohol

In some states it is legal to consume alcohol in public, however, in Arizona, it is illegal. You can be cited for public consumption. (ARS §4-244)

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