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Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix. Steer Clear!

AAA released the most dangerous intersections in the Phoenix Valley – 35th Ave. and Dunlap, 32nd Street and McDowell, 59th Avenue and Thunderbird, 51st Avenue and Camelback, and 59th Avenue and Olive.

In my experience as a personal injury lawyer, the majority of accidents occur at intersections due to people running red lights.  From a personal injury standpoint, if a person has run a red light and causes an accident, the police will be called to investigate.  Typically, the police will generate a police report containing witness statements and that the at fault driver was cited for running a red light.

There are two key elements to a lucrative personally injury case – documentation showing liability and documentation showing injuries.  If the officer notes that the at fault driver was cited for running a red light, it means my car accident clients may be entitled to collect a good amount of money from the at fault party’s insurance company.  If the at fault party did not have insurance, no problem!  We can collect from the no-fault party’s insurance company if they have uninsured motorist coverage.  The great thing about collecting from uninsured coverage is that your insurance companies are prevented by law from raising your rates.  In either event, we can collect money for you – you have nothing to lose by hiring a car accident lawyer to help fight your case!

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