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Don’t Fake it…Keep it Real

A recent report by the Arizona Department of Liquor sheds new details on a sad case from the end of last year.  The 19-year-old ASU student whose body was found in the Salt River in December 2012 after a night of drinking was discovered in possession of a fake I.D. in his pocket.  The Tempe bar at which he was drinking has been under investigation and it was found not to have been using their I.D. log properly and therefore cannot prove that they checked all ID’s that night.   Using or possessing false identification if you are under 21 years old, or knowingly providing false statements to a police officer, is a misdemeanor in Arizona.

Arizona takes this crime extremely seriously and there can be very steep consequences if convicted that can adversely affect your immediate plans and more importantly, your future. Lawyer Matthew Lopez is experienced in representing clients charged with possessing false identification.  He will work hard to attain the best possible outcome for you and your future. Matthew Lopez Law will also assist with resolving any driver’s license issues you may have in connection with the fake I.D. charge, such as suspension or revocation.

Matthew Lopez can be reached at 602-960-1731 to discuss your charges, inform you of your rights, let you know the possible consequences, and explain the complex legal process.  Call or email Matthew Lopez Law right away if you are faced with charges involving false identification or false reporting.