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Life Cut Short – SRP Truck Hits Bicyclist in Phoenix

On Wednesday morning there was a fatal collision between a Salt River Project vehicle and a bicyclist in Phoenix.  The incident occurred at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Broadway Road.  The bicyclist, 20-year-old Luis Edwardo Santalla, was riding his bicycle westbound in the crosswalk when the driver of the SRP dump truck made a southbound turn and hit him.  Santalla was declared dead at the scene.

Unfortunately, accidents like this one can happen to anyone at anytime.  To no fault of Santalla’s, his life was cut short and his family must experience an incredibly painful grieving process, as well having to deal with the unexpected and astronomical expenses of losing a loved one.  If this happens, it is important that the family hire an experienced personal injury attorney to collect from the insurance companies what the victim and his loved ones deserve.  Matthew Lopez Law has handled many personal injury cases and can take both emotional and financial stress off the family during this incredibly difficult time.

Contact Matthew Lopez Law as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, or Mesa.   The firm will immediately start work on the case and will work hard to collect the maximum amount from the at fault insurance company.  Car accident attorney Matthew Lopez provides free consultations and is available 24/7.