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Country Thunder – Thunderous on Underage Drinking – MIP & MIC

Country Thunder has been and continues to be a huge event every year. This year campsites at the event sold out in a matter of hours. Many students in the valley gather a group of friends and make plans to listen to good music, camp, and drink for 3 days straight. While it makes for a good time, the fun is often cut short for many kids who are caught drinking underage. Last year there were 189 arrests for underage drinking at Country Thunder in Florence, Arizona.

Being cited for minor in possession or minor in consumption is a sure way to ruin the weekend fun you had planned. Thinking about the consequences, expense, and uncertainty that comes with an MIP or MIC can be intimidating. Worst of all, many people don’t realize that it is a criminal charge and the state of Arizona will not expunge the charge if convicted, so it will follow you around forever. If you have received an MIC or MIP, it is important that you hire an attorney to protect your rights and fight for you. Lawyer Matthew Lopez will do just that. Mr. Lopez has handled hundreds of minor in possession and minor in consumption cases and consistently achieves favorable outcomes for each and every client.

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