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Don’t splash into summer with an MIP, MIC or DUI conviction

Now that the gorgeous Valley weather has arrived, students at area colleges will be excited to begin pool-party season.  For some it will be a weekly event, hanging out with friends at someone’s house with a pool, maybe grilling some burgers and gulping on cold beers and icy daiquiris.  The fun of drinking during the day while soaking up the sun often continues into the night.  All of this sounds perfectly harmless, except if the people drinking are underage, and if those people drive home after the party.

Tempe and ASU police in particular are always looking out for underage people drinking alcohol, and are frequently charging those people with minor in possession and minor in consumption of alcohol.  Legal issues are exacerbated if that minor is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol.  If you are facing any or all of these serious charges, you should immediately contact Tempe MIC MIP attorney Matthew Lopez to discuss your case.   Matthew Lopez has handled many MIC and MIP cases as well as DUIs for students who find themselves in trouble.  An MIC, MIP or DUI will severely affect your future if convicted and could jeopardize your status as a student at your university.

Do not risk facing these serious legal charges alone: call Matthew Lopez Law today for your free case consultation at 602-960-1731.