Underage Drinking at Spring Training Games – You’re Out!

The Arizona desert is famous for attracting tourists, college students, and locals to spring training games throughout the valley each spring. The weather is beautiful and the baseball is even better, and what’s the only thing that could make it better? An ice cold beer. Unfortunately, spring training games are notorious for underage drinking and even DUI’s.

Many college students go to games with their friends or family from out of town and enjoy a few drinks while soaking in the sun and enjoying the game. However, many of these young people get stuck with a citation for minor in possession or minor in consumption. Many students think that because they are inside the gates at the stadium or because they are with their parents or family, they will not get cited for minor in possession or minor in consumption. Regrettably, this is not the case and an officer will have no problem citing you as a minor consuming alcohol.

For those of you who are of age to drink and get to enjoy drinks inning after inning without the worry of a minor in possession or minor in consumption charge, be wary of a DUI after leaving the game. Although, most teams’ facilities are in the valley, some still require a 30-40 minute drive, which can be risky after 9 innings of alcohol. If you have been cited for a DUI on the way home from a spring training game, it is absolutely imperative that you hire a DUI lawyer as soon as possible to start defending you.

If you have been cited for minor in possession, minor in consumption, or DUI, you need to call criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez today to start building your case.

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