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Texting and Driving Accident victims get the money they deserve

The Tempe Police department is doing some damage control today after one of its officers was photographed texting while driving on his police motorcycle.  The dangers of texting and driving have been known for a long time and are still being publicized yet in this age of technology, many people still cannot stay away from their smart phones.  The alerts trigger an automatic response and need to check what that new text or email says and then of course a reply is often the next step.  Young people are especially guilty of being addicted to checking their mobile device while driving, but even police, the people who are on the streets to protect our safety, are participating in this deadly habit.

So many accidents are caused by a driver texting and driving in Arizona.  While the laws have not yet banned this activity, a driver who was texting and caused an accident would still be at fault and is still subject to distracted driver charges and other charges.  In these accidents, victims of the accident can suffer from life-altering and painful injuries.  Victims of a texting-and-driving accident must contact an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney to consider their options and their rights to collect money.  Tempe personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped many car accident victims get big money to cover all the negative aspects of being injured: the pain and suffering, the medical bills, and the lost wages from being away from work.

As a victim, you should never have to suffer the injuries and be out of pocket as well.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today if you or a loved one has been injured in a texting-and-driving accident.