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Using a fake ID can hold some very real consequences

School is out for the summer and all of you students out there are having a great time celebrating getting through another year of college.  Summer is a chance to unwind after finals, and to reconnect with friends and family.  Even though school is out and the Valley’s population has eased up, police are constantly aware of the countless college students under 21 who attempt to buy alcohol with fake IDs.  Using a fake ID, or false reporting, is considered a serious crime in Arizona.  It is a misdemeanor and carries some severe consequences including fines, driver’s license suspension, community service, alcohol and substance abuse classes, or even jail time.

Being caught using another person’s identification or possessing fraudulent identification, and making false statements to a police officer, needs to be taken very seriously.  If you are caught trying to buy alcohol at a bar, restaurant or store, you could be in some hot water with charges that could stay on your record forever, hindering school plans, current job positions, and future job prospects.  It is imperative that you contact fake ID lawyer Matthew Lopez to fight the charges and help you navigate through the legal process.

False identification attorney Matthew Lopez has handled many false reporting cases for underage clients and is experienced with the courts, prosecutors and judges around the Valley.  Tempe fake ID attorney Matthew Lopez can provide you case evaluation at no charge to discuss your case.  Contact 602-960-1731 today to begin fighting your fake ID charges.