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More bars in Flagstaff tempts more fake IDs

Downtown Flagstaff is seeing more bars in the next few months giving students even more reasons to go out drinking with peers.  The problem does not lie in the number of bars there are in the historic town, but more in the age of the students who frequent them.  Many Northern Arizona University students are under the age of 21 but this does not stop them from wanting to have a few drinks at the popular bars downtown.  In order to get their hands on alcohol, NAU students are using fake IDs.  The act of using a fake ID includes both using another person’s ID and using an ID that was home made (fraudulent identification).  Either way, it is a serious crime that can stay on your record forever if convicted.

NAU students who attempt to use a fake ID to obtain alcohol often get caught and then in an attempt to avoid the arrest, provide false information to the arresting officer.  In this case, you could be charged with both possession of a false identification and reporting false information to a police officer.  If you are facing these charges, do not attempt to face them alone.  An experienced fake ID attorney can help reduce or eliminate the consequences associated with a fake ID charge, including fines, driver’s license suspension, community service and even jail.  False identification lawyer Matthew Lopez has handled hundreds of these cases and is familiar with developing and presetting a thorough and successful defense.

Flagstaff false ID / false reporting lawyer Matthew Lopez is happy to provide a free evaluation of your case.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today if you have been charged with possession of a false identification or false reporting.