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Saguaro Lake Lawyer fights to beat OUI and DUI charges

Saguaro Lake Lawyer Helping Clients who Are Drowning with DUI Charges

Saguaro Lake is one of the most popular boating and swimming destinations in central Arizona.  On any given weekend, hundreds of boaters make the 30 minute drive to get out on the water and have some fun in the sun.  Boating can be a wonderful activity to create memories for your family and friends.  Most people spend the day out there, bringing with them lunch and drinks.  While open containers of alcohol are not prohibited as they are in cars, laws are clear that the driver of the boat cannot be impaired to the slightest degree.  A DUI on a boat is called an OUI, operating under the influence.

If you are pulled over on the lake and charged with a Saguaro Lake OUI Saguaro Lake DUI, it is important to hire an experienced Saguaro Lake Lawyer to investigate your case.  Arizona Saguaro Lake Lawyer Matthew Lopez has handled hundreds of DUI cases including OUIs and knows how to thoroughly review police reports, identify any inconsistencies and errors, and is very familiar with the courts and prosecutors.  A Saguaro Lake OUI conviction can be detrimental on your record.  You need to partner with a knowledgeable boating DUI attorney to fight for you to get the best possible outcome.  Matthew Lopez Law always gives unparalleled customer service and values its clients to the utmost degree.

Saguaro Lake DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez Law will discuss your charges with you and answer your questions during a free case evaluation. Contact Tempe boating DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez immediately if you or a loved one has been charged with a Saguaro Lake OUI.