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Father and son lose out on Cardinals game for Furnishing Alcohol

A father and son lost out on their seats at a recent Cardinals football game due to tough state liquor laws.  While going back to their seats at the game, the father asked his 15-year-old son to hold his beer so that he could show the usher their tickets.  At that time, officers from the liquor board stopped them and asked them to leave the stadium for breaking the rules.  It seems in this case of misunderstanding the pair will avoid criminal charges, but many others out there are not so innocent.  Once kids get to be 18, 19, and 20, many parents begin to ease off about drinking alcohol.  Some even take it as far as to purchase liquor for their kids.  Buying a 6 pack of beer for your son, or letting your daughter take a few sips of your drink might seem harmless, but it is criminal offense that law enforcement take extremely seriously.

Furnishing alcohol to a minor is no longer just for strangers outside a liquor store; kids successfully persuade their own parents to help them get a few drinks.  Police are waiting and watching at liquor stores and grocery markets.   If you are charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor, it is so important that you contact Tempe criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez Law and discuss your case.  Arizona furnishing alcohol to a minor lawyer Matthew Lopez will answer all your questions about the charges and can explain your rights and the possible consequences.  Hiring an experienced and caring lawyer will ensure you get a thorough, professional and effective defense.

Do not let a bad decision linger on your record forever: hire Tempe furnishing alcohol to a minor attorney Matthew Lopez to fight to reduce or eliminate the charges.