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Suns player is in Need of Top Scottsdale Drug Possession Lawyer

Arrested for Marijuana or Cocaine – Call Scottsdale Drug Possession Lawyer

A Phoenix Suns player becomes a poor example for young basketball fans today after he is arrested for marijuana.  Michael Beasley was arrested in Scottsdale this morning when officers found what they allege to be marijuana cigarettes in his car.  Beasley, a forward who joined the Suns last year, was charged with 2 felonies: possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.  All this comes after Beasley specifically addressed past drug use by vowing that that part of his life is over.

Three joints may not sound like a lot, especially in this day and age of medical marijuana dispensaries, but be assured police still treat this type of drug charge extremely seriously.  Beasley is now facing serious felony charges, and will have some major hurdles to get over when he faces the courts due to his previous drug charges and his broken promise.  If you have been arrested for marijuana possession and paraphernalia, contact Scottsdale drug possession lawyer Matthew Lopez immediately.  Tempe marijuana possession lawyer Matthew Lopez has handled many similar drug cases and knows the court systems, prosecutors and judges in this area.  He will complete a thorough case review including examining evidence, scouring police reports, interviewing the arresting officers, using expert testimony, and developing a string defense.

At Matthew Lopez Law, we understand that people make mistakes and that you need someone you can trust to help you through this stressful and difficult time and be available to answer your questions any time.  Call Scottsdale Drug Possession Lawyer Matthew Lopez today for your free case evaluation.