Arrested for DUI after a day on the boat? Call Lake Pleasant DUI lawyer immediately

The 100+ degree weather seems like a thing of the past in Arizona, winding down the summer and the busy boating season.  While boaters can continue to enjoy the sun on Lake Pleasant, swimming and skiing will start to decline as the water gets chilly.  The last few weekends will be busy on the lake, and police will be watching out for boaters driving home after a day of drinking on the boat.  Any sign of impairment may catch the eye of police, and once arrested for DUI, you will have an uphill battle to get through this stressful time in your life.

Lake Pleasant DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez is very familiar with DUIs and boating DUIs and has helped hundreds of clients minimize or even eliminate the DUI charges.  A day of drinking on the lake could turn bad very quickly if you are arrested for a Lake Pleasant DUI.  While having fun with family and friends it is easy to underestimate the amount of alcohol you are consuming, and to underestimate your level of impairment.  It is always best to have a sober friend drive, or calling for a cab, but if you are pulled over and have been drinking, remain clam and respectful to the officer, politely decline field sobriety tests, and call Lake Pleasant DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez Law as soon as possible.  Matthew Lopez Law handles DUI arrests all over the valley, including Lake Pleasant area, Peoria, Surprise, Phoenix and Glendale.

Keep in mind that being impaired and driving a boat is just as illegal as being impaired behind the wheel of your car.  Lake Pleasant DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez will help you navigate the complex and serious court system and will fight hard to get you the best possible outcome.  Contact Lake Pleasant DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez Law for a free no obligation consultation at 602-980-1987.

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