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Arizona marijuana charges call for top Tempe marijuana defense attorney

An Oregon man had quite the surprise when police were able to use Google Earth to peek into his private property and find his thriving marijuana garden.  Officials had received a tip that Curtis Croft was talking openly about his pot plants on his property.  They used the satellite software and later an airplane to discover the almost one hundred plants.  Croft was a legally registered grower (registered to grow marijuana for five people, or 30 plants), so the ninety-four plants was significantly over his allowable limit.  Croft was swiftly arrested on drug charges and will certainly be facing an uphill battle in court.

Arizona is another state with an ongoing medical marijuana program.  Even though the laws are still relatively new in our state, there are hundreds of cardholders and people registered to grow marijuana for others.  The registration process makes it very clear to the applicant what their parameters are when it comes to growing and consuming pot.  Violating those parameters means big trouble.  Arizona can be extremely tough on drug crimes.  It was recently ranked one of the worst states for drug related deaths, giving even more fuel for the courts to throw the book at defendants.  In order to give your case a fighting chance at being reduced or dismissed, you need a knowledgeable Tempe marijuana defense attorney.  Tempe marijuana defense attorney Matthew Lopez will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process and that you get the best possible results from your charges.

Tempe marijuana defense attorney If you are ever arrested for growing, possessing, selling or transporting marijuana, or violating the provisions of your medical marijuana card, contact Tempe marijuana defense attorney Matthew Lopez Law at 602-960-1731, or visit our website for more information about Arizona marijuana charges and defenses.  We are happy to offer free case consultations.