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Felony driving charges call for Casa Grande criminal defense attorney

A big rig driver is in big legal trouble after he plowed into three Arizona Department of Public Service vehicles that were pulled over on Interstate 8 assisting in a minor crash, sadly resulting in the death of one of the DPS officers.  Now, it is being reported that the truck driver was allegedly looking at photos on his cell phone at the time of the crash.  The distraction was enough that the driver did not merge left to give the parked vehicles extra room, and instead drifted directly into them.  A distracted driver is a dangerous weapon against all other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and their own passengers.  If that distracted driver is behind the wheel of a semi truck travelling 65 miles an hour or more, it is a certain recipe for disaster.

The driver is facing serious charges: 20 felony charges including second degree murder.  Even if an officer did not die as a result of a distracted driver crash, many charges will still be filed against you.  If you are ever arrested for being responsible for a distracted driver crash, there is no question that you must hire a well respected and experienced Casa Grande criminal defense attorney.  The Arizona courts take a tough stance against distracted drivers and you cannot face the charges alone.  Knowledgeable Casa Grande criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez has extensive experience in criminal defense and car accident cases and will guide you through the very stressful and complicated legal process.

Hiring Casa Grande criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez Law will relieve much of the stress you are going through by handling paperwork, working closely with prosecutors and answering any and all of your questions throughout the case.  If you have been charged with any felony relating to driving or causing a crash, call Casa Grande criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez for a free case evaluation today.