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Medical marijuana card not a license to drive high, Phoenix marijuana DUI lawyer reviews the complex laws

Zoning issues are still being hashed out in Sun City Arizona in regards to an application for a medical marijuana facility.  A Maricopa County ordinance was overturned today by a judge who said the law was just written simply to keep marijuana dispensaries out of unincorporated areas of the county, presumably to avoid conflict with the federal government, which still maintains that marijuana is illegal.  The conflicts regarding medical marijuana laws in Arizona still keep popping up in the news, showing that it continues to be a hotly contested, and far from settled, debate.  Medical marijuana cards, however, are being issued and there are a handful of operating dispensaries around town.  Medical marijuana card holders are able ease their pain with their prescriptions, but the dangers and legal consequences of driving while under the influence of pot is undeniable.

Medical marijuana should be used at home to ease pain or discomfort for which it was prescribed.  Once you decide to drive anywhere after taking marijuana, you are now breaking the law.  Any small traffic infraction can get a police officer’s attention, including driving slightly fast or slightly slow, not using your signal, or not fully stopping at a stop sign.  Once pulled over, officers are trained to tell if you are under the influence of marijuana.  If you are arrested for a marijuana DUI anywhere in Arizona, you need a knowledgeable Phoenix marijuana DUI lawyer to guide you through this stressful experience and protect your rights.  Arizona courts are tough on drug crimes.  Phoenix marijuana DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez knows how to investigate a case thoroughly to develop a strong and persuasive defense, making sure all policies were followed correctly and field tests were conducted according to training.  Call Phoenix marijuana lawyer Matthew Lopez today for a free consultation and we can get started on your case immediately.