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Scottsdale personal injury lawyer helps victims of distracted drivers

A man is lucky to be alive today after being hit by a train in his pick up truck Monday.  The man was not injured at all, but is now in some trouble with the law.  After the collision he was arrested for two outstanding warrants and driving without a license.  He also admitted to texting just moments before the crash.  The driver was apparently distracted by using his phone and lost control of his vehicle, veering across several lanes and then getting stuck on the train tracks.  Amazingly, the driver was able to jump out of his pick up truck before the train hit.

Distracted driving can cause serious accidents and serious injuries.  In this case, the man is incredible lucky not only that he avoided any injuries, but that the collision did not cause others to get injured or even killed.  Using the phone while driving is still not specifically illegal in Arizona, but distracted driving is a crime.  The man is also lucky not be have been charged with distracted driving, failure to avoid an accident, or even aggressive driving.  Anytime there are injuries from these types of bad drivers, an Arizona Scottsdale personal injury lawyer is needed to make sure the victims receive the settlement they deserve.  Scottsdale personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez has helped many car accident victims collect the maximum amount for their injuries.  He relieves some of the stress of dealing with injuries, pain, loss of wages and inconvenience by working closely with insurance companies and medical providers so you don’t have to.

Contact Scottsdale personal injury lawyer Matthew Lopez if you or a loved one has been injured by a distracted driver.  Scottsdale personal injury law firm Matthew Lopez Law is highly experienced with car accident personal injury cases and is available right now for a free consultation.