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Casa Grande personal injury attorney helps families get money they deserve

Three people died of their injuries suffered on Tuesday after the major dust storm crossed over the Interstate 10 and caused several serious car crashes.  There were about 19 vehicles involved in the various accidents that were a result of 30 mile per hour winds and zero visibility along the main road between Phoenix and Tucson just south of Casa Grande.  Some of the vehicles were big rigs, wedging vehicle between the trailers.  This is not the first serious accident that has occurred on the I-10 due to blowing dust, and these latest deaths has prompted officials to start seriously looking into what measures can be taken to reduce the dust that blows across the highway.

In the mean time, the family and friends of those lost are in mourning and are left to worry about medical care costs, funeral expenses and many other financial stresses that come after a loved one dies.  While the dust may be the main cause of the accidents, drivers are still required to take the proper precautions when conditions are so bad, especially commercial vehicle drivers whose job it is to transport goods safely.  Those drivers who were speeding, driving dangerously, or were distracted should be held responsible for their mistakes, and an experienced Casa Grande personal injury attorney is the best person for the task.  Arizona’s top Casa Grande personal injury attorney Matthew Lopez has helped countless clients and their families collect the money they deserve from insurance companies.  The money will not bring your loved one back, or erase your physical and emotional scars, but it will relieve some of the stress you are feeling at this time, covering loss of wages, medical costs, pain and suffering and inconvenience.

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