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Flagstaff drug lawyer stands by clients in Northern AZ

A recent report released claims that Arizona is one of the worst states for drug deaths in the country.  You may expect most of the drug activity to be found in the large metropolitan area of Phoenix, amongst the student body at Arizona State University campus in Tempe, or in the Southern US – Mexico border towns.  However, there are plenty of drug arrests made in Northern Arizona in and around Flagstaff, and police are always looking out for signs of drug use.  Not only is there the Northern Arizona University campus, and the usual college partying, but also the normal activities of drug transporting, drug trafficking, drug possession, drug manufacturing, and drug paraphernalia.   A body of a woman found near a hotel in Flagstaff this weekend is suspected of dying of a drug overdose, adding to the statistics of drug deaths in the state.

Being arrested of a drug related crime in Arizona is a frightening experience.  Police, prosecutors and the courts do not go easy on defendants.  It is important that you take the charges seriously and speak to an experienced Flagstaff drug lawyer as soon as possible to get vital legal advice and have all your questions answered.  One of Arizona’s top Flagstaff drug lawyer s Matthew Lopez offers free consultations to put your mind at ease after your arrest.  Hiring experienced and knowledgeable Flagstaff drug lawyer Matthew Lopez is essential in having the best chance of reducing or eliminating your charges.

Drug convictions stay on your record forever and carry severe consequences, including hefty fines and prison time.  Arizona criminal defense law firm Matthew Lopez Law provides his clients with individualized personal attention from the start of their case to the end, every step of the way.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today at 602-960-1731 or visit the website for more information about Arizona drug charges.