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Facing drug charges? Call Casa Grande criminal defense attorney for a consultation today

large drug bust in Southern Arizona is making headlines this week.  Border authorities found almost a million dollars worth of marijuana on a produce truck trying to enter the US from Mexico.  Nearly 2000 pounds of the drug was uncovered after drug sniffing dogs alerted border officials.  The narcotics were hidden in amongst squash.  Drug arrests are not uncommon in Southern Arizona, since Arizona is one of the main entry ways into the country from Mexico.  Such a large discovery of drugs does not happen every day but there are plenty of arrests made for marijuana possession, paraphernalia, and marijuana trafficking in this part of the country ranging from small amounts to large.

Even with a small amount of marijuana, Arizona courts are extremely tough when it comes to these charges and the consequences can be severe.  If you do not possess a valid medical marijuana card, it is still illegal to possess any amount of marijuana or paraphernalia.  If you are facing marijuana charges or drug charges in Arizona, demonstrate to the courts that you are taking the matter seriously by hiring a well-respected and experienced Casa Grande criminal defense attorney.  One of Arizona’s top Casa Grande criminal defense attorney s Matthew Lopez has handled many drug cases in Arizona and has succeeded in getting his clients positive results.  Casa Grande criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez will guide you through the legal process and investigate the case thoroughly to present a strong defense to the prosecutors.

Facing drug charges in Arizona? Do not face them alone.  Before making any decisions, call Casa Grande criminal defense attorney Casa Grande drug lawyer Matthew Lopez to get your questions answered during a free no obligation case consultation: 602-960-1731.  Contact us today and we can immediately get started on fighting your charges.