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Stay in good cheer with help from Mesa DUI attorney

Many of us are scrambling to finish up holiday shopping and at the same time trying to enjoy the season and get into the spirit.  If we are lucky, the companies we work for throw a holiday party to celebrate the end of the year and to show its appreciation for the hard working employees.  No matter how you feel about attending these get together, alcohol always makes for a more interesting time.  The Today Show recently aired a piece about alcohol at work functions, and showed that most often people do not know how drunk they are getting.  Government data shows that 40 percent of all car accident deaths are caused by alcohol around Christmas and New Year.  All this results in more and more DUI patrols on the roads at this time of year.

Work holiday parties should always stress the importance of having a designated driver or getting a taxi after drinking, but this is not always the case.  Even if the company takes all the proper precautions, if you yourself are not aware that you are over the limit, you are likely to insist that you can drive.  If you are pulled over this holiday season and arrested for a DUI there are number of things you must remember.  Be polite and respectful: an argumentative or difficult attitude will only makes things worse for you both in the short and long run.  Politely decline the field sobriety tests: they can be subjective and have many holes.  Finally, call Mesa DUI attorney Matthew Lopez Law.  As a top Mesa DUI attorney , Matthew Lopez will help you through the process of the arrest and can guide you to make the best decisions to benefit your legal defense.

Mesa DUI attorney Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of clients arrested for DUI or extreme DUI and offers free case evaluations.  Do not attempt to fight these serious and complex charges alone.  It is important to hire an experienced and knowledgable Mesa DUI attorney to fight your charges: call Matthew Lopez Law today.