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Tempe drug manufacturing lawyer gets clients through their legal issues

Police certainly had their hands full after what seemed at first to be a routine traffic stop.  Wednesday morning, a car was pulled over for an HOV violation near I-17 and Thomas Road.  The officer found bags full of ecstasy pills and cocaine.  Warrants were obtained for his apartment near the Arizona State campus in Tempe, where authorities found what seemed essentially to be an ecstasy factory: thousands of pills, about 30 pounds of ingredients to make the drug, and a motorized pill press.  The 20-year-old man, who is a student at Arizona State University, was arrested and charged with several drug charges, and is being held until the investigation takes its course.  Six additional people were arrested as well, including three other ASU students, allegedly involved in the drug crimes.

The ASU student is facing some very serious charges.  Drug crimes are taken extremely seriously by Arizona courts and carry heavy consequences.  If you are ever arrested for drug crimes in Arizona, including Tempe drug manufacturing, Tempe drug distribution, Tempe drug possession, or Tempe drug trafficking, the best chance you have to get a favorable outcome is by hiring experienced Tempe drug manufacturing lawyer Matthew Lopez.  Tempe drug manufacturing lawyer Matthew Lopez is knowledgeable in Tempe and ASU legal system and has helped many ASU students overcome their legal issues.  Furthermore, Arizona state universities will not take such crimes lightly and as a student you may face a range of school consequences.  Tempe criminal defense law firm Matthew Lopez Law will not only handle your court case thoroughly and professionally, but can also assist with any school hearings as well.

Tempe drug manufacturing lawyer ASU criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez is glad to discuss your case with you during a free consultation.  Visit the website MatthewLopezLaw.com for more information about Arizona drug charges and criminal defense.