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Phoenix Open = Open Season on Underage Drinking: call Phoenix Open Underage Drinking Lawyer

What better way to spend your weekend than enjoying perfect weather at the country’s second largest sporting event?  If you are under 21 and think that this is just another day in paradise, think again.  Scottsdale Police, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and the Arizona Department of Liquor will cite more people for underage drinking and minor in consumption of alcohol at the FBR Phoenix Open than any other event in Arizona.  My firm handles approximately 100 minor in consumptionand minor in possession of alcohol cases a year.

I tell everyone the same thing that calls.  Chances are, you have never been to court and spoken with the prosecutors – they won’t know you from Adam.  It is far more beneficial to have the help of an experienced lawyer who has been to court thousands of time and who is on a first name basis with the prosecutors and judges.  For example, if I was having knee surgery, I’d be crazy to have a doctor who was performing her first surgery.

Also, be advised, if you go to court by yourself and mess something up, your mistake cannot be reversed. You will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.  My office sees this on a regular basis.  College student tries to represent themselves, handles it poorly, then finds they can’t get into graduate school, nursing program, law school, etc.  Do not roll the dice on your future: get the help of an experienced Scottsdale Minor in Consumption of Alcohol Lawyer.

Finally, a common misconception we often hear is that police cannot issue a citation for minor in consumption of alcohol if they didn’t use a breathalyzer.  This is completely false!  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s a duck.  If you are stumbling, smell like alcohol, or are slurring your speech and you are under 21, you will be cited for minor in consumption of alcohol.

If you are a parent or student reading this – YOU MUST take this seriously and hire an experienced Phoenix open underage drinking lawyer. A CONVICTION WILL AFFECT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE – hire a trained underage drinking lawyer Matthew Lopez to handle this serious charge and to get the best possible outcome.

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