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Tempe assault attorney addresses assault anxieties

Arizona Cardinals line backer Daryl Washington heads to trial in April for assault charges against his girlfriend.  The girlfriend alleges that Washington grabbed her by the throat and shoved her causing her to fall to the ground.  The Cards player wa arrested for aggravated assault and trespassing. He has plead not guilty to the charges and will go to trial April 30th.  As a person in the public eye, and looked up to by many young people, Washington certainly has some explaining to do, but assault charges are issued everyday to normal people for many different situations.

A person can find themselves under arrest for assault in a range of scenarios, ranging from seemingly minor and harmless to extremely dangerous violent attack.  It is a common mistake to think that assault means engaging in fighting.  Assault charges can be filed for intentionally or unintentionally causing harm to another person, or even touching someone with intent to provoke.  In addition, assault can be filed as a misdemeanor or and felony.  Because of these reasons, the range of consequences is extremely wide, which makes it even more important to hire an experienced Tempe assault attorney to know how to fight the charges and get the best results.  Tempe assault attorney Matthew Lopez has helped hundreds of his clients get positive results from their misdemeanor and felony charges.  Mr. Lopez is passionate about his clients well-being and prides himself on keeping his clients in the loop throughout the case, making himself available to answer your questions about anything.

Tempe assault attorney Matthew Lopez understands this is a stressful and scary time and makes it his goal to put you at ease and relieve the stress so you can continue with your daily life.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today for a free consultation if you have been arrested for Tempe assault charge or Tempe aggravated assault charge.