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Arizona courts are tough on high BACs: contact Tempe extreme DUI lawyer to start fighting the charges

Valentines Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate your love than on a date drinking unique and delicious cocktails. Arizona has gone one step further: next week is Arizona Cocktail Week. Restaurants and bars around the state will be featuring some house made interesting libations and for some good prices. As you enjoy your cocktail, keep in mind Arizona is not just good at serving up drinks, but is great at serving up DUI charges. If you forgo a taxi or designated driver and find yourself being pulled over by flashing lights after drinking, stay calm. Be polite to the police officer and politely decline the field sobriety tests. If the officer detects any odor of alcohol or beings your speech to be slurred (and they will because they are highly trained), you will be arrested and your blood taken.

It is easier than you think to have a blood alcohol level of over 0.15.  At this level, you will be charged with an extreme DUI.  Over a 0.20? You will be charged with a super extreme DUI. After you are arrested, be sure to call Tempe extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez to discuss your case. Tempe extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez will answer all of your questions and will be on your side.  Arizona takes DUIs very seriously, and is notorious for it, but the courts are even less tolerant of extreme DUI and super extreme DUI.  The consequences are severe: 30 days in jail, jail fees, fines, interlock device, and alcohol education classes.  Then there are lasting consequences of having a criminal record.  It is important that you not take a chance by using an inexperienced attorney or trying to handle the matter alone. Experienced Tempe extreme DUI lawyer Matthew Lopez is focused on his clients well being and takes pride in his success rate.  Contact Matthew Lopez Law today at 602-960-1731.