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Maricopa marijuana lawyer offers advice on Arizona drug charges

Another large drug bust makes headlines in Southern Arizona. This time, it was Maricopa County Sheriffs who discovered half a ton of marijuana in Gila Bend.  The drugs were being transported through the desert south of Gila Bend in  several vehicles.  Two men were arrested in connection for the drug transportation, and a third person allegedly escaped arrest by running into the desert.  The suspects are facing some serious drug charges and have an uphill battle in court to protect their rights, their freedom and their future.  Drug charges are treated very serious in Arizona courts.  Judges and prosecutors view drug transportation as a major crime, particularly being so close tot he border.  Law enforcement does not want Arizona to be an entryway into the country from Mexico.

From large busts like this one, to smaller drug charges that happen day to day in the Valley, it is more important that ever to trust your case to a professional.  Maricopa marijuana lawyer Matthew Lopez serves the Valley and the entire state of Arizona by passionately defending his clients.  State prosecutors know the system extremely well and work it to their advantage.  You need someone who knows the system just as well and who can protect your rights against the one-track-minded prosecutors.  Maricopa marijuana lawyerMatthew Lopez thoroughly investigates your arrest, the charges and the evidence to present a successful and powerful defense.   Drug charges such as Arizona drug possessionArizona drug transportation, Arizona drug paraphernalia and Arizona drug manufacturing can ruin your life.  Make sure you have a knowledgeable and experienced Maricopa marijuana lawyer standing by your side from start to finish, and to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Contact Maricopa criminal defense attorney Matthew Lopez today for a free consultation about your case.  You can get all of your questions answered and get real advice from a professional.